Episode 36: The Long Island Serial Killer is Scary



The Gilgo 4

  • Maureen Brainard-Barne, 25, missing since 2007
  • Melissa Barthelemy, 24, missing since 2009
  • Megan Waterman, 22, missing since June 2010
  • Amber Lynn Costello, 27, missing since September 2010

The Dismembered Victims

  • On the March 29th, a head, hands, and forearms were found, which would later be matched to a torso which had been found in 2003, roughly 45 miles away from this new discovery in the Manorville New York. These partial remains belonged to Jessica Taylor, 20. The torso had been positively identified as Jessica upon it's discovery in July 2003, the same month she had gone missing. 
  • On April 4th, 3 more bodies were discovered. 
  • The first set of remains was a head, right foot, and hands. The remainder of this body had been discovered in 2000 in the same part of Manorville where Jessica Taylor's torso would be discovered 3 years later. The victim is unidentified, and referred to as "Jane Doe No. 6".
  • The second body discovered on April 4th was a young Asian male who was dressed in women's clothing. The victim is unidentified, and referred to as "John Doe".
  • The last body found on April 4th was a female toddler wrapped in a blanket. The body showed no visible signs of trauma. The victim is unidentified, and referred to as "Baby Doe".
  • On April 11th, two more sets of partial remains are found farther down the beach.
  • The first set of remains was just a skull. Later, through DNA, the skull would be match to a set of severed legs found roughly 10 miles away on Fire Island, in 1996. The victim is unidentified, and referred to as "Jane Doe No. 7"
  • The second set of remains were skeletal remains found in a plastic bag. These remains would be linked to the torso of a young African-American Female found in the town of Lakeview in a rubbermaid container in 1997. Due to a tattoo of a peach on the torso, the unidentified victim is referred to as "Peaches". Through DNA testing, it would also be determined that "Peaches" was the mother of "Baby Doe".

Thinking Sideways

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