Episode 17: Video Games are Scary (Part 1)

Show Notes

Time-lapse making today's cocktail:
rainbow road sangria

Stephen Roaches Post about Polybius

"The game centred around a moonbase, largely plagiarized from Star Wars which displayed a number. There were six sets of different aliens: the first, which varied through six levels, appeared as random waves sent out from the moonbase which needed to be destroyed. The others were numbered between one and ten which had to be repelled back into the base to lower the total. The figure had to match exactly to clear the level otherwise you lose two lives or just the one if you had one remaining" -Stephen Roach


Berzerk Wiki

Ben Drowned

Video of game play

Recommended Listening:
Thinking Sideways Polybius
Rabbits Podcast (Just a cool audio drama podcast about games!)

To be continued...


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